Crazy Namer Help


Crazy Namer's scripting language was designed to be easy to use and intuitive. Most scripts would look similar to how you would describe them in native language.

For example, the script: Try Itfirst word, from dictionary animal next word, from dictionary color Will generate a name with two words, the first being from the animals word list and the second being from the colors word list. Click the 'Try It' link to see how it works (click again to generate a different result).

Selecting words from various sources is just one of the basic functions in a Crazy Namer script. You may manipulate the selected words in a variety of manners.

Try these scripts for example: Try Itfirst word, from dictionary animal remove last vowel Try Itfirst word, is Amazing shuffle Try Itfirst word, one of Magnolia Platinum remove second syllable

Anatomy of a Crazy Namer Script

Each script may contain several commands. Separate commands with a comma or a new line.
Commands in a Crazy Namer script are divided into three groups:
  1. Word Selection
    Instructs Crazy Namer to select words from a dictionary, a thesaurus, a list of keywords, from a pattern and more.
  2. Word Manipulation
    Instructs Crazy Namer to make modifications to the previously selected word, such as removing letters, adding letters, reorganizing letters, combining the previous words and more.
  3. Readability
    Some commands are optional and are intended for easier readability of the script. For example all the scripts above will work without the phrase first word.